Common Threads

What connects these posts but a belief that we are getting lost in a world set on its journey by 19th Century ideals and beliefs that are no longer as relevant. Politics, economics, finance, borders, religious beliefs, sociological norms are all taken from those who rose to the top over 100 years ago.

Despite the huge advances in science and technology since those times and the huge blood-letting of the 20th Century that enabled the western world to turn its back on the worst forms of totalitarianism, our focus on out-moded political and economic norms is creating justifiable fear and suspicion. The financial crash of 2007/8 that is leading inexorably to the sovereign debt crash of 2012 and beyond holds up a mirror to so many failings that short-terminism in our political leadership and beyond will fail to master.

Economics is mired in the thinking of 19th Century thinkers that thought they could adapt scientific precision to a social science. It served a world thirsty for goods (as it still does in China and other developing nations) but does not serve us any longer. Now, finance and banking have taken over the world and entrepreneurship is relegated to a subservient position in a world intoxicated by “growth” but where consumers are addicted to measurable products that provide rapidly diminishing returns.

The global impact is seen in terms of pollution, CO2 emissions and diminishing “global goods” which heighten our quality of life. Whether it is the diminution of our minerals or of our wildlife or of our natural habitat in the pursuit of more products, there is a common thread that we need to establish to ensure that if we do decide to self-implode that it is our choice.

Informing our choices – providing some insight to the Common Thread – is an aim that I have on this blog. It is also the views of a common man – hopefully, centred on important issues but without self-importance.


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