This blog is less about me than about the problems that politics and economics faces in the 21st Century – therefore, anything about me here has to be relevant to that and their impact on the way we live and prosper (or not) in this Century.

What has made me even write this blog and hope that somehow some of my thoughts may help to influence (even slightly) the debate?

Sick of power block politics – the left vs the right – which is outdated as are the origins of the meaning in revolutionary France.

My politics are anti-totalitarian – and recent death of Christopher Hitchens spurred me to write this blog (even if I have access to around one millionth of his audience and about the same percentage of writing skills!).

My politics are Liberal (Capital L).

My economics are for “outing” the norms of 19th Century equilibrium and simulation nonsense that still rule and towards the mix of economic thinking going on in Santa Fe (complexity and  evolutionary economics) along with the need to include key externalities outside the slim GDP guidelines that lead to our focus on “things” and quantity and away from quality. Economists such as Georgescu-Roegen need a new voice.

My thoughts are centred around the theories of Abraham Maslow from his 1943 paper on the Hierarchy of Needs. Even if not 100% accurate – who cares? They describe what humans need and how we “progress” through those needs – economics and politics need to study these carefully.

My background is business (I was an FD and then a Chief Exec for over 20 years in large corporates) but more recently I worked for Global Witness – an anti-corruption NGO operating in the natural resources area. I have done pro-bono for Transparency International for over ten years. I now work in the charity sector as Chief Executive of Willow Foundation – we provide memorable Special Days to very ill 16-40 year-olds and their friends / families. I am also Chair of Directors / Governors at a large Academy in London (the place of excellent education for around 1300 students of 11-19).

London is my home – almost a City State in a country that I still find to be honourable and welcoming. My grandparents were immigrants and my wife’s family were as well. My kids (now in their twenties) need to be able to take advantage of a country and world that wrenches itself away from the 20th Century fight between classes and states and towards a world of Liberalism and opportunity for the individual to grow in a balance between self and society.

Jeff Kaye


See my book on bribery and corruption in the arms industry



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